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Haya Titulización S.G.F.T., is the reference in the structuring, execution, management and administration of securitisation funds and bank assets funds (FAB), stablished in Spain. In addition, we offer services related to the securitisation of assets in SPVs stablished outside Spain.

In Spain, the execution, administration and legal representation of the securitisation funds and FAB is reserved to the Securitisation Funds Management Company which are registered with the National Securities Commission (CNMV). Thus:

  • The activity of Haya Titulización, S.G.F.T., is developed under the monitoring framework established by the CNMV.
  • It guarantees the maximum diligence in the representation and defence of the holders of the issued securities.
  • It is registered in the Special Register of the CNMV under number 5.
Since its incorporation in November 1993, Haya Titulización S.G.F.T., has obtained the following authorizations to carry out the incorporation, management and representation activity of:
  • Mortgage Securitisation Funds (1993).
  • Expanding its scope of action to all kinds of Securitisation Funds (1998).
  • Bank Assets Funds (2013).
  • Authorisation of the Alternative Fixed-Income Market (MARF), to develop the activity of Registered Advisor (2015).
At present, Haya Titulización is a company focused on excellence and in the continuous search for added value for our customers, whose scope of activity is based on the following PILLARS:



In the more than 25 years of experience, we have developed transactions of the most diverse nature and according to the different categories in which the securitisation operations are classified:

  • Open / Closed Funds
  • Performing / Non Performing Collateral
  • Financial / Non Financial Assets
  • Present / Future Credit Rights
  • Financial Seller / Non Financial Companies
  • Objective Capital release / Financing
  • Retained / Placement
  • Private Operations / Listed on Official Markets
  • Assets originating under Spanish / Foreign jurisdiction
  • Assets in euros / Dollar currency
  • Compartmentalised Issue Programs / Securitisation Funds
  • Liabilities made up of Promissory Notes / Securitisation Bonds


  • Residential mortgage
  • Auto Loans
  • Consumer Loans
  • Corporate/SMEs Loans
  • Leasing

  • Developer Loans
  • Covered bonds
  • Corporate Debt (CLOs)
  • Project finance
  • Financial Institutions Debt (mortgage bonds, senior debt, subordinate debt)
  • Dealer Floor Plan

"Árqura Homes", the largest FAB to date, including assets for an amount of "€ 811,389,000".


(€ millions)


We have performed the functions of Master Servicer and Calculation Agent of transactions constituted in non-Spanish jurisdictions.




Haya Real Estate is one of the leading Spanish companies in the management of financial and real estate assets and the largest independent non-banking company in the management of developer credit and real estate assets (RED and REO, respectively) in Spain.

Haya's main offer of services covers the entire value chain of the loans and assets of the real estate sector.

For REDs, the services include the advice and the subscription of loans and guarantees, loan management and recovery and into foreclosed real estate assets.

For REOs, the services include the admission, recovery and management of foreclosed real estate assets, as well as their sale or lease.

Haya's integrated offer provides real estate servicing solutions and also includes portfolios advice (selection, valuation and trading), the advice in the development of land, the management of leases, real estate advice, brokering and securitisation, through Haya Titulización.

Among its main customers are Bankia, BBVA, Grupo Cajamar, ING, Liberbank and Sareb, and there are 1,200 professionals with a sales network which includes more than 2,500 real estate brokers.


The Haya Titulización team consists of highly qualified professionals recognized for their experience and exceptional service to the customers.

With a deep knowledge of the sector and the market and have solid relations with investors, companies in the sector and institutional bodies.

Our team of directors:

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We are experts in the structuring, constitution and management of securitisation funds

News of interest


  • " I Haya Titulización Conference" - October 2017
Haya Titulización organized the first analysis Conference to discuss the current and future of the securitisation market, with the participation of the main experts from the country in this financial tool.

The event, which has been held in the Madrid Stock Exchange, was opened by Ángel Benito, Director of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

  • "II Haya Titulización Conference" - November 2018
For the second consecutive year, Haya Titulización organises its Securitisation Conference in collaboration with "Expansion".

The event was attended by Ms. Elena Aparici Vázquez de Parga, General Director of the Treasury and Financial Policy, in the opening of Honour, Mr Ramón Escolano and specialists in the securitisation market like Mr Steve Gandy de Banco Santander or Mr Pablo Pérez de J.P. Morgan among others.


"Non Performing Loans" Simmons & Simmons - November 2019

Jesús Sanz, General Director of Haya Titulización, has participated in the roundtable "Non Performing Exposures in Italy and Spain" organized by Simmons & Simmons, together with Javier Cabrera, of Alantra CPA, Pablo de la Viña, of Link Finanzas, Iván Fernández-Valdés, of uDA, Andrés López of Axactor and Álvaro Muñoz, from Simmons & Simmons. At this conference, Jesús stated that "the Spanish securitisation funds, thanks to their operating capacity, fiscal efficiency and the financing facilities, are the appropriate tool to maximize the value of the portfolios of NPLs".

"Conference on Treasury and Risks" Cecabank - November 2019

We have attended the XII Cecabank Treasury and Risks Conference. In this case, Jesús Sanz stated that "the securitisation of assets will return as a valid risk transfer instrument for the financial entities, thanks to the landing of the new regulation and the investment appetite. In addition, the obtaining of alternative financing from the traditional banking by the companies, via securitisation, is becoming an effective instrument to allow the investors to obtain an attractive return on the risk". Jesús was accompanied by Fernando Cuesta, from Bankia and Luis Soutullo and Massimo Salerno, from Cecabank.

"New Securitisation Regulatory Framework" European DataWarehouse - November 2019

Miguel Ángel Sánchez, Business Development Director of Haya Titulización, participated on the panel "New Securitisation Regulatory Framework", in the event organized by European Datawarehouse. Accompanied by Diego Martín, from BBVA, Sergio Sierra, from ICO, Isabel Plaza, from S&P Global, and Pedro Ravina, form Uría Menéndez, Miguel Ángel confirmed that " there is optimism due to the imminent complete execution of the new framework which regulates the securitisation market and the STS securitisations.
In the short and medium term, the focus of investors and originators is on transactions to release capital, without overlooking both the financing operations and those intended to materialize the sales of NPL portfolios". Thank you European Datawarehouse for the invitation!


  • Jesús Sanz, as General Director of Haya Titulización, explains in "El Inmobiliario mes a mes", how the Banking Assets Funds (FAB) work, a financial instrument exclusively for Sareb.

  • Haya Titulización, is awarded the legal administration and representation of a Sareb Bank Assets Fund valued in more than € 811 million.

  • Miguel Ángel Sánchez, Business Development Director at Haya Titulización, speaks to magazine "Observatorio Inmobiliario de la Construcción", on the development of the Securitisation of NPLs in Spain, with Italy as a reference.


Haya Titulización, through its group of professionals, has been characterized since its creation by its work to strengthen and develop the securitisation sector in Spain. Evidence of this is the constant achievement of milestones, which have become a reference and support point for the development of financing structures and "know-how" for the rest of the players in the sector.

Securitisation Fund of Loans with Guarantee of the Kingdom of Spain. Constitution of AyT.3 FTPyme-ICO, F.T.A. 
2001 First Consumer Loans Securitisation Fund in Spain: AyT.5 Préstamos Consumo, F.T.A.

First Fund with medium and long-term assets and short-term liability (Conduit): AyT.4 Grandes Préstamos, F.T.A.

First Mortgage Bonds Securitisation Fund at the national and international level: AyT Cédulas Cajas, F.T.A.


First Mortgage Securitisation Fund of Barclays outside the United Kingdom: AyT.8 Barclays Hipotecario I, F.T.A.

First Real Estate Developer Loans Securitisation Fund at the national and international level: AyT.7 Promociones Inmobiliarias I, F.T.A.

First Private issue Securitisation Fund entirely subscribed by the European Investment Bank: AyT.10 Financiación Inversiones I, F.T.A.

First Securitisation Fund with Guarantee from the Autonomous Communities (Generalitat de Catalunya): AyT FTGENCAT I, F.T.A.


2003 Financial innovation to channel economic aid to Galicia and Cantabria for the ecological disaster: Constitution of AyT Prestige Cajas de Ahorros, F.T.A.

First Public Sector Covered Bonds (Cédulas Territoriales) Securitisation Fund constituted in Spain: AyT Cédulas Territoriales Cajas I, F.T.A.
2004 First Fund constituted under the "Dealer Floor Plan" format for the Automotive sector: AyT Automoción I MMC, F.T.A. 

First issue of Securitisation for to retail investors: AyT Fondo Eólico, F.T.A.
2005 First Fund constituted using as the underlying asset Senior Financial Entities Debt: AyT Bonos Tesorería I F.T.A.

First continued programme of Mortgage Covered Bonds (Cédulas Hipotecarias): AyT Cédulas Cajas Global, F.T.A.

The Euroweek magazine grants several awards to the "AyT Cédulas Cajas, F.T.A.", including, the best issue of securitisation.

2006 First Securitisation in Spain of Future Credit Rights: AyT Club de Fútbol I, F.T.A.

First Fund constituted at the subordinate Debt Securitisation level issued by financial entities: AyT Deuda Subordinada I, F.T.A.  

Barclays grants Haya Titulización the "Excellent" award to the Best Provider in 2006.
2007 Incorporation of ICO Mediación I AyT, F.T.A., the largest Securitisation Fund issued to date in Spain.

Compartmentalised Issue Programmes to generate eligible collateral before the ECB for the participating Financial Institutions: AyT Colaterales Global Hipotecario, F.T.A., and AyT Colaterales Global Empresas, F.T.A. 
2008 First issue of Securitisation Bonds supported by syndicated loans: Madrid Activos Corporativos, F.T.A. 

Largest issue of Securitisation Bonds supported by Senior Debt issues to date in Spain: AyT CEAMI I, F.T.A. 
2009 First multi-contributed operation with Treasury Guarantees: CEAMI Guaranteed Bonds I, F.T.A.

First collateral transaction by assets in different currencies: Madrid Activos Corporativos III, F.T.A.
2010 Largest Securitisation Fund constituted in Spain: ICO MEDIACIÓN II AyT, F.T.A.
2013 SAREB awards Ahorro y Titulización the Project CORONA, composed of real estate assets under rental.
2014 Establishment of the May Bank Asset Fund (FAB).
Establishment of the Crossover Bank Assets Fund, the first fund whose collateral was composed of projects for real estate development and promotion.

On 26 December 2014, AyT signed a Framework Agreement with Banco de España to provide advisory services on the securitisation of assets.

2016 Administration of the first securitisation transaction whose collateral is exclusively composed of NPLs: FTA 2015, FTA (Portfolio Hércules).

Haya Titulización is the first manager to successfully integrate the management of the Securitisation Funds constituted by another Entity (Caixabank Titulización). The amount of the assigned assets amounted to more than 5.5 billion euros, administrator by 4 different entities.
2017 Haya Titulización successfully concludes the adaptation processes of the information and reporting systems after the banking concentration process which took place in Spain.
2018 Haya Titulización an bekafinance carry the first sale operation of non-liquid securitised assets through the Fintech platform "Débitos".
2019 Haya Titulización constitutes and manages Àrqura Homes, the largest FAB performed to date.

Establishment of the ESLA, FAB, composed of WIPs.

Establishment of the SLF FIRE, FT, transaction backed by NPLs and instrumented through PHs and CTHs.