Cookie Policy

This policy sets out how Haya Titulizacion S.G.F.T., S.A.U, (HT) uses cookies on its website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are sent to the browser from the website and stored on the user’s terminal, whether this is a pc, mobile phone, tablet or other device. One of their functions is to enable the website to store and retrieve information on the browsing habits of users or their devices. Depending on the information obtained, they can be used to recognise users and provide them with a better service.

Why does HT use cookies?

HT uses cookies that are strictly necessary and that are essential in order for users to navigate the website freely and more easily. We use cookies to help improve the service we provide to users by measuring website use and performance in order to optimise and personalise the site.
The website may contain links to other websites or social networks (such as Facebook or Twitter). HT does not control the cookies used by these external websites. For more information on cookies on social networks or other websites, we recommend that you read their cookies policies.

Accepting the Cookies Policy

HT assumes that users agree to the use of cookies. But at the start of a session, information about our Cookies Policy is provided at the top of any page on the website, to ensure that you are aware of the issue.
When you see the information you have the following options:
•    Accept the use of cookies. When you go to any page on the website the notice will not be shown again.
•    Close. This hides the message on the current page.
•    Find out more. You can find out what cookies are, read HT’s Cookies Policy and change the settings on your browser.

Cookies used on the website
The website uses the following cookies:
JSESSIONIDManages the user sessionSessionFirst-party
ultimasBusquedasHTStores details of the last search made from the home page1 yearFirst-party
navegaciónHTStores user navigation details1 yearFirst-party
Identifies unique visitors: Used to record unique visitors for statistical and analytical purposes.2 yearsGoogle Analytics
__utmcDetermines the visitor session: Google Analytics uses two cookies to identify a session. If either cookie is missing, new activity triggers the start of a new session.SessionGoogle Analytics
__utmzRecords traffic sources and navigation: Used to record how you reached our website (e.g. via a Google search, an alert, etc.) and how you navigate around our site. We use this information to improve the user experience in future updates.6 monthsGoogle Analytics
_gaThis is used to identify unique visitors by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier.2 yearsGoogle Analytics
How can I change the cookie settings?

We are required by law to obtain users’ consent to the use of cookies. If a user decides not to authorise the use of the cookies listed above, HT will not store any cookies and will only use technical cookies, because without these it is impossible to navigate the website. If you continue to use the website without refusing consent, you will be deemed to have consented to the use of cookies.
Users can set their browser to restrict, block or delete the cookies used by HT or by any other website. The process is different for each browser. Links to information on how to change the settings for various browsers are provided below:
•    Internet Explorer:"ie-10"
•    FireFox:
•    Chrome:"es"
•    Safari:
If you change the cookie settings HT cannot guarantee that the various features on the website will function properly.

How can I find out more?

We would be very happy to answer any questions about our use of cookies that are not covered in this Cookie Policy. If you would like more information about how we use cookies, please email us at